CORD : 2018 Ambassador Steering Team Candidate Statement - Aris Risdianto

Nominee’s bio (or LinkedIn profile link)

How long have been working in the CORD community?

I am not directly working for CORD community, because I was only selected for ONOS ambassador. I started to work with ONOS community since ONOS Build 2017 in Seoul, but officially I started to work as an ambassador in January 2018.

What contributions have you made in the past to the CORD community?

I have several activities that may lead to contributions to ONOS community.

  • I joined ONOS walkthrough tutorial in 2016 and ONOS Build in 2017

  • I am ‘passive’ member of ONOS deployment brigade

  • I published/presented three academic publications that mentioned ONOS in specific

  • I organized ONOS meetup event at Indonesia in March 2018

  • I presented ONF and ONOS in several locations (Indonesia, Malaysia, and Cambodia) during my own project activity

  • I presented ONOS SDN-IP in IDNOG5 Conference at Indonesia in July 2018

What are you actively working on in CORD?

Yes, I actively working to make code contributions, either for ONOS code itself or through ONOS application.

Why do you feel you would be a good candidate for this position?

As far I know, I am the only ambassador in the South East Asia region. So, I may have a better understanding and chance to promote ONOS/CORD project into the community in this region. Also, I may encourage more peoples from this region to be a part of the ambassador program to gain more support in ONOS/CORD contributions.

Are there any changes you would like to bring to the community if elected into this position?

Currently, I don’t have any clear ideas for the changes, but I believe that we need to have a slightly different approach to encourage people in this region for actively contributing in ONOS/CORD code.