CORD : Dangerous-Addition (Roadmap)

CORD Platform

Refactor Platform and Stabilize Interfaces

(In general, working design notes are collected in a Google Drive folder.)

  • Refactor XOS (see Overview)
    • Isolate "XOS Core" with a well-defined API
    • Refactor Data Model
    • Replace Admin GUI with Single Page Application (see Design Notes)
    • Add better diagnostic support using Elastic Stack
    • Clean up Synchronizer framework
    • Apply best practices (and new API) to services
  • Refactor Build-and-Deploy Process
    • Deploy XOS as a containerized set of micro-services
    • Refactor platform-install and service-profile stages (see Design Notes)
    • Reconcile CORD-in-Box and Multi-Node POD (See Design Notes)
    • Create private certificate authority (See Design Notes)
    • Discover Environment – Dynamic Fabric Configuration (See Design Notes)
    • Service/Instance Restart
  • Platform Support for E-CORD
    • Add Pseudo-wire extensions to Fabric
    • Provide global credentials to Local POD
  • Light-and-Right CORD
    • Depends on containerization (done as part of refactoring work)

    • Minimizes management overhead (e.g., w/o OpenStack)

    • Supports no-hit upgrades of management infrastructure

    • Supports NBI plugins (Views) for different “OSS/BSS” regimes

    • Integrate with upstream data centers (where other VNFs run)

    • Refactor vSG/vBNG to take advantage of Qumran-based switches

    • Supports KVM natively (w/o OpenStack)
  • Support for Scalable vSG/vBNG
    • Support 10k subscribers per Haswell-class server
    • Support up to 10Gbps for one subscriber
    • Support per-subscriber QoS (both inbound and outbound)
    • Support bulk statistics collection on a per-subscriber basis
    • Support per-subscriber ACL filtering policy (both inbound and outbound)
    • Mirror traffic on a per-subscriber VLAN basis
  • Fabric Features & Improvements
    • Access trunk VLAN
    • Support 802.1X authentication (configure switch-port to block unauthenticated traffic)
    • Support for IPv6 transport on Segment Routing App
    • Support for Multi-homing of Leaf switches and failover support (vRouter)
    • Support to create and update ACLs
    • Configure switch to use Mac-Sec (Netconf/Yang support for config)
    • Configure 1588v2 timing to the switch (Netconf/Yang support for config)
  • Expand QA coverage
  • Expand Service Inventory


Integrate into Reference Implementation

  • PM Monitoring
  • Support for Microsemi
  • Deployment Automation
  • Add Netconf Support
  • Publish Yang Model

Dependencies on CORD

  • Fabric: X-Connect
  • VTN: OLT Agent

Enterprise CORD

Zero Touch Provisioning

  • Automate E-CORD deployment
  • vEE: Hardware-based QoS
  • vEG: R-CORD vSG + Captive Portal
  • vUNI: UNI model & MicroSemi NDI
  • Refactor CE App
  • Options for transport network control

Dependencies on CORD

  • Pseudowire
  • Global to Local Credentials
  • Merge with XOS Refactoring

Dependencies on ONOS

  • YANG SB - Dynamic config
  • VPLS - Deployment brigade

Mobile CORD

End-to-end Slicing with Open Source EPC 

  • Automate M-CORD deployment
  • Disaggregated MME (session/mobility)
  • Connectionless GW
  • Open source EPC
  • MME Service
  • SGW Service
  • APN-based Slicing
  • Disaggregated PGW ONOS App
  • IMSI Number-based Slicing
  • Public Safety
  • PassiveTest

Dependencies on CORD

  • Merge with XOS Refactoring
  • Upgrade OpenStack
  • Mirror of select flows from OvS

Analytics for CORD

Harden Implementation and Extend Probe Inventory

  • CI/CD for A-CORD Components
  • Framework to onboard Analytics Apps
  • Refactor Service Internals
  • Expand set of Monitoring Probes
  • Define Central Probe Inventory
  • Monitor North- and Southbound APIs
  • Build Richer Dashboard (e.g., Grafana)

QA (Test/Automation)

  • `cord-tester` framework enhancements

  • New Framework support for vSG, VTN components
  • Functional Tests (vSG, VTN)
  • Convergence of Data plane and Control Plane framework
  • Enhanced API Tests
  • New CI/CD based tests ("serverspec", "xos,platform_install")
  • Automated test executions through Jenkins jobs
  • End-end tests on CiaB