Build and Install CORD

Build and Install CORD using the Installation Guide

Install and configure automation framework

  • Clone the cord-tester repo
$ git clone
  • Setup virtual-environment
$ cd cord-tester/src/test/cord-api
$ source

Executing Tests

Most of the tests in cord-tester framework are written in python and RobotFramework. Few examples for test execution are shown below

  • Export the configuration file(file that was generated during kubernetes/helm installation)
  • export KUBECONFIG=/home/cord/cord-pod1.conf
  • Assuming that cord-pod1.conf file is present in /home/cord directory

CORD API Based Tests

  • There are several API based tests written in cord-tester. Most of the tests validate GET, POST and DELETE operations on the API while also validating the control plane operations.
  • Each API test uses input data in json format which are present under /opt/cord/test/cord-tester/src/test/cord-api/Tests/data
  • Before running API tests, Properties file need to be changed to provide server name/port and access credentials (see code block below)

$ cd  /opt/cord/test/cord-tester/src/test/cord-api/Properties
$ vi
#!/usr/bin/env python

SERVER_IP = 'localhost'
SERVER_PORT = '9101'
USER = ''
  • Running the tests:

$ cd cord-tester/src/test/cord-api/Tests/
$ robot <testcase.txt>