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First brigade target: Fabric Switch component in SEBA Reference Design (by 3/31/2019)   


Task #TaskOrigination DateCurrent StatusOwner(s)ProgressComments

Brigade Documents review


Nov 29, 2018In ProgressAll


Review current OpenFlow test cases for switch certification applicability

Nov 29, 2018CompletedSreeju (Jabil), Krishna (CNLABS),

11/29/2018 - Initial analysis sent to brigade

12/11/2018 - Detailed analysis sent to brigade. Link to Google Sheets document in Task#2

3Switch verification document update
CompletedSreeju (Jabil)

11/14/2018 - Document modified and awaiting review comments.

04/26/2019 - A new consolidated test plan is created. The initial switch verification document will be left as it is and will serve as a generic guide.

Updating document based on SEBA requirements
4SEBA POD test plan development

Suchitra (ONF)

Sreeju (Jabil)

04/26/2019 - Re-using existing test plan. Added the same to Test plan document.Possible re-use of SEBA release test plan
5OpenFlow development of additional test casesDec 12 2018Completed

Sreeju (Jabil)


Zhijun (BII)

Wangbong (ETRI)

12/11 - Initial list of OF test cases are sent to brigade. All SEBA OF's are captured as test cases. (Refer to "Fabric_New_OF_SEBA" tab in '')

This activity will also take care of the Operational and Negative testing of Fabric Switch. (Refer to "Fabric_Operational" tab in '')

3/29/2019 - New Test case development Completed.

Based on results of task #2
6OpenFlow automation of additional test casesJan 07 2019In Progress

Andrii Lashchev (Jabil)

Roman Bubbyr (Jabil)

3/25/2019 - New OpenFlow test cases for SEBA Completed.

3/29/2019 - Working on Operational test cases.

5/9/2019 - Functional Test case scripting completed. Operational Test cases - 90% completed. Scalability Test cases - 20% completed.

7SEBA POD test plan automation

8OLT component verification test plan development (Edgecore)

9ONU component verification test plan development

10OLT component verification test plan automation (Edgecore)

11ONU component verification test plan automation