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The COMAC (Converged Multi-Access and Core) open source project, paired with the COMAC RD, has been launched to bring convergence to Operators’ mobile and broadband access and core networks. It will build upon a suite of ONF projects that are part of the CORD project umbrella. By leveraging and unifying both access and core projects, COMAC will enable greater infrastructure efficiencies as well as common subscriber authentication and service delivery capabilities so users can roam seamlessly between mobile and fixed environments while experiencing a unified experience.

Optimized for 5G deployments, the COMAC Exemplar Platform will leverage SDN and cloud principles to disaggregate elements and will be built on a microservice architecture, so operators can dynamically place elements where they best serve their needs. Access, edge, core or public clouds work together in a centralized and coordinated way to deliver exceptional user experience while leveraging common infrastructure and public cloud economics.

The component projects included within COMAC are:

COMAC Platform

Communication Channels

COMAC developer mailing listhttps://groups.google.com/a/opennetworking.org/d/forum/comac-dev 

Slack#comac-dev channel (Register here)


Interested in participating in COMAC development? Some of the tools we use require you to register for the overarching CORD project, so we suggest you register first and then dig into the rest of the information below. Here are the key tools we use:

We use JIRA to track our progress on tickets. Register for an account to view, comment on, and create issues.

Code repositories: Gerrit (shared with CORD)This repo uses Apache License v 2.0.

To get up and running, check out the Operations and Development Documentation.