CORD : CORD QA Meetings

About the team

This team is comprised of QA Engineers, Developers from Platform Team at ONF, Service Providers and the community. Team will discuss various QA strategies, development of framework/tests, issues related to platform stability and technical priorities with respect to various test strategies/issues. 

Contact Information

Best way to reach out to the QA Team is to drop a message in the QA Channel on Slack

Recurring Meetings

This team holds PUBLIC AND RECORDED meetings bi-weekly on Thursdays, 10AM - 11AM PST.  Meetings are conducted via GoToMeeting. 

The recurring meetings along with their proposed agendas and resulting meeting minutes will be published below.  Agenda items can be filled by the team members or by the community and topics will be discussed based on the priorities and the meeting time.   Rolling agenda for these calls can be found here

Joining the GoToMeeting:

On your laptop: 

On your phone: +1 (646) 749-3117
Access Code: 511-771-197

Meeting Recordings can be found here:

Meeting Minutes

DateAgendaMeeting Minutes
  • Discussion of CORD Test Strategy for 2017 

Meeting Notes


  • Issue with Master Build (Ansible Issue).

  • Migration to test chameleon

  • Test a single component in the system, and not the system as a whole

    • core-api-sanity-check should check only core apis

    • We should have similar tests to check different services apis and validate models

  • End 2 End testing, i.e. HOST -> PON -> Fabric -> Internet (and back)

  • Isolation testings (are tenants really isolated)

  • Intrusion testing (how to prevent people breaking into the system)

  • Scale (how many vSGs until it falls over)

  • Soaks, what is the resource utilization for a long running instance of CORD

  • Update from Radisys Team

Meeting Notes


  • Spirent Demo on Test Tools
  • Update from Radisys Team

Meeting Notes


  • vOLTHA sync up

  • Performance Brigade (R-CORD  Requirements)

  • Spirent Team updates

  • Chameleon API integration (cord-tester vSG tests to be updated)

Meeting Notes


  • Performance Test Bed Updates (Spirent Team Updates)

  • CORD POD (Sanity Test Suite Build Up)

  • vOLTHA updates (simulator and hardware updates)

  • Performance (R-CORD) sync up - kick off meetings

  • General items: wiki pages

Meeting Notes


  • New xos-build system to be used in the xos-api-sanity-job

Meeting Notes


  • More nodes for Jenkins job (xos-api-sanity-pipeline)

    • Why are build’s taking longer with the new build system?

  • Create a job for unit tests in XOS

  • Scale tests (Ciena)

  • Performance Test Cases

1.       Measurement of VNF instance Creation Time ( Use Logs for testing )

2.       Measurement of VNF instance Deletion Time ( Use Logs for testing )

3.       Measurement of VNF configuration time ( Use XoS, VNF Logs)

These are some of the CORD platform level test cases ( NFVI + MANO).

 The objective was to review on whether we can enhance the testing in this direction.

  • Spirent STC hook to CORD POD

  • (Radisys)Add Sanity Tests to Physical POD - Robot Tests to check the following

    • Validation of all containers running state( MAAS,XOS,ONOS) - Completed

    • Validation of MAAS internals using maas client to check devices bootstrapped and images loaded,etc - In Progress

    • Validation of services that are running in fabric switch - In Progress

    • Validation of juju  status and openstack lxc containers - Completed

  • Deprecation/removal of old build system in Sprint 5

    • Andy nearly done with `cord` physical/virtual scenario (works with R-/M-/E-CORD natively)

    • Will change how physical deploys are configured

Meeting Notes


  • Review of Blockers for S-D Release

  • Virtual pod E2E tests specific to E-CORD and M-CORD

    • How do we get there from here?

    • Basic “does a virtual pod build” for E-CORD and M-CORD seems like a good first step

    • E-CORD global vs. local pod versions

      • Global is just XOS + ONOS, so much simpler and like the new “single” scenario w/ONOS.  Ways to test it standalone?

      • Local looks closer to R-CORD pod. Same Q as Global.

      • E-CORD full E2E involves 2 local pods + global pod

    • M-CORD - can we get ideas from them for test scenarios?

Meeting Notes


  • 5.0 QA tasks/activities

  • Updates

Meeting Notes


  • Bug Scrub to identify blockers for 5.0 release

  • Bug Scrub to scan remaining new bugs that are required for 5.0 release
  • Discuss RC load plan

  • Discussion on `xos-api-sanity-job` changes to implement (auto generated APIs and new minikube deployment scenarios)
  • Discussion on optimization techniques to verify various repos effectively
  • Introduction by Polaris Networks

  • JJB template tutorial by Zack
  • JJB Migration Plan discussion (Actions taken in the spreadsheet that contains various jobs to be migrated)

  • CORD 6.0 Test Plan Discussion
  • Prioritization on the tests

  • CORD Test Plan Discussion after changes from build model
  • Bug Scrub for 6.0

CORD 6.0 Test Strategy 

QA Strategy 2017

Strategy Overview