An R-CORD POD needs some access devices such as an OLT in order to serve residential subscribers. The vOLT service in R-CORD is the responsible for providing that functionality. Currently, the only supported mode of operation is via OpenFlow-enabled OLT devices. Several vendors already have support for this, ask your vendor if the are CORD compatible. 

Given that there are multiple vendors that provide such OLTs, this document will not talk about how to deploy a specific device but rather how to configure the relevant ONOS applications to control the OLT effectively. 


This guide assumes that you have run through the POD install procedure outlined here. You must also have installed the fabric ONOS cluster and connected the fabric switches to that controller. That said all the information contained in this document will also allow you to run an OLT independently from CORD.

It is assumed that all olts are connected to a leaf fabric switch via either a 40Gb or a 10Gb link. 

Furthermore, depending on your olt vendor, the device will either be managed inband or out of band. In this document we will assume that such details have already been worked out and we assume that the OLT OpenFlow Agent can reach the cord onos controller.


First you will need to load an Access Device Configurartion at ONOS. The Aceess Device Configuration has the following format.