CORD : Contribute to QA

There are numerous ways that you can contribute to QA group for the CORD project. Areas of contributions include all solutions of CORD 

(SEBA, M-CORD) some examples of contributions include:

  • Automation Framework Development for Performance
  • Test case development
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Traffic Emulation on the PODs
  • LAB support/Hardware support

Following shows a List of QA Tasks/Items that can be either Lead/Contributed

(Note: Activities that are striked out have been taken away and the collaborator who is working on it is shown against the item)

Framework development for Performance Testing (SEBA)

  • Create test automation framework in python to use PONSIM to plug into tests
  • Generate test cases using the above framework to generate traffic/measure performances
  • Evaluate stability of containers on the PODs (restarts, memory leaks, OOM issues)

To reach QA for any questions, Get on to the QA slack channel here -> Slack