M-CORD Functional Test


•       Polaris Networks gave a demo to ONF regarding the various ways of testing contribution to be done on M-CORD platform.

•       Polaris started deploying M-CORD 4.1 where it was met with various initial challenges in CiaB environment.

•       After the M-CORD deployment was completed than Polaris EPC was included as a service in M-CORD platform.

•       Polaris EPC was used against Intel SPGW on M-CORD platform for testing.

•       Polaris found that during UE attach, SPGW is throwing an error " Dropping packet , Error on message GTP_CREATE_SESSION_REQ: (-1) Operation not permitted..".

•       Debugging further, it was noticed that SPGW was looking for an IE viz. MSISDN_IE in create session request as a mandatory IE.

•       According to 3GPP, MSISDN_IE is conditional in Create session request on S11.

•       After adding MSISDN_IE in CSR, SPGW was able to successfully send ' Create Session Response'.

•       Polaris did a UE attach/Detach with Polaris EPC within M-CORD and gave a demo to ONF which was also attended by Intel and NG4T.

•       Polaris found that Gx interface was missing in 4.1 release.

•       Polaris tried sending data over Intel SPGW and noticed that the UDP packet is reaching S1U interface but not coming out of SGi interface.

•       Polaris went into a debug session with Intel to fix the above issue and was able to do it.

•       In an reference setup, Polaris was able to send and receive data over Intel SPGW.

Functional Tester Architecture




The System Under Test can be one of the EPC Nodes like MME, SGW or PGW. SPGW is a combined SGW + PGW.



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