The main goal of the functional test suites is to verify if the CORD components are working correctly.  

Approximately more than 500 test cases are implemented for different modules in CORD framework.

Currently functional tests focus on the CORD components independently.  Each functional suite covers one or more CORD components.  

Comprehensively testing different aspects of CORD.

  • Subscriber : Tests channel zap time , channel surfing experience, join/leave functions and latency , join/jump channel functions and latency, join/next channel functions and latency, duplicate joins , duplicate leaves, emulates 100s/1000s of Channels and subscribers for TLS Authentication, DHCP address assignment and subscriber traffic validation.
  • vRouter: Tests integration of Quagga container and ONOS vrouter app with multiple hosts. Tests different scales of route entries getting synched from Quagga to onos and getting applied as flows. Validating flows passing traffic.
  • VTN: Validation of the creation of a service VTN (service ports + service network) via XOS API.  
  • TLS : It supports full fleged TLS client. Tests user traffic with AAA app using RADIUS server, TLS certificate based authentication.
  • IGMP : Tests protocol level join, leave , query messages with different options.
  • DHCP Server/Relay : Tests expected functionality and stresses by assigning large number of ip addresses to subscriber . It tests DHCP relay app with ISC dhcp server running outside in a container. It tests dhcp server onos app also as per standards.
  • Flows: Tests all kinds of flows applied by ONOS to switch. It validates flow implementation of ONOS by passing traffic to switch.
  • ProxyARP: Test proxy ARP in ONOS/CORD perspective . Validating flows passing traffic.
  • Part of the plan and in progress: Testing multiple reference point with GiG traffic . Testing end to end traffic with vSG , XOS and ONOS , also on WAN side.

More details on each suite can be found below.

  • Test Plan for ACL
  • Test Pan for DHCP
  • Test Plan for DHCP Relay
  • Test Plan for EAP TLS Authentication using Radius
  • Test Plan for Subscriber Channel Surfing
  • Test Plan for vRouter
  • Test Plan for VTN
  • Test Plan for Fabric
  • Test Plan for Net Conditions
  • Test Plan for IGMP
  • Test Pan for Flows
  • Test Plan for Cluster
  • Test Plan for IPv6
  • Test Plan for XOS API