Mission and Goals

  • Bring support for multiple CPU architectures to ONF projects
  • Use best practices for Continuous Integration (CI) to generate arch-specific binary artifacts and multiarch artifacts (such as Docker images) 
  • Provide test infrastructure and support for any architecture-specific issues that arise.

Current Tasks

  • Organization tasks (Setting up mailing lists, meeting frequency and times, etc.)
  • Nomination of a Brigade Lead
  • Defining scope of work and creating tasks in Jira

How to get involved:


Brigade Leads (Coordinator):

Technical Mentors:

  • Zack Williams (ONF) <zdw@opennetworking.org>


  • Cristina Pauna (Enea) <cristina.pauna@enea.com>
  • Ciprian Barbu (Enea) <ciprian.barbu@enea.com>