CORD : PCC Enhancement Brigade

Brigade Goals and Scope

This brigade is focused on the following M-CORD components:

  • The function realization of New network element (SCEF and PEDF) based on 3GPP Specification, which meets the requirements of 5G
  • Enhancement to PCRF and PCEF

How to get involved

  • Join the discussion: Please join the brigade in their #brigade-pcc Slack channel to discuss what is happening and how you can participate.  If you need access to the CORD slack channel, you can request an invitation.

  • Join our meetings: (Information about when and how people can dial in to any meetings that this brigade has)

Brigade Leads


Product Owner

  • Product Owner: China Unicom

Brigade Members

  • Baicells
  • 99cloud
  • H3C
  • Cavium
  • China Unicom