CORD : RCORD Physical POD Builds and Tests - 5.0

There are nightly builds on QCT PODs and Calix Pods that do installation and configurations for each POD.

Configuration of each pod is automated. Reference this section in the guide - (excluding the vRouter configuration):

  • Connect fabric switches and compute nodes to ONOS
  • Configure the compute nodes
  • Generate and Load Network Configuration

Then the following suite of tests are run:

  • Validate POD running Sanity Tests 
  • XOS API (control plane) Tests
  • Functional and Data Plane Tests
    • Test Documentation
    • Cord-Tester container is deployed as a docker container, residing in the headnode of the POD. It is brought up with double vlan tagged interfaces (s-tags and c-tags of subscriber's traffic) to conduct dataplane traffic testing. 
    • Validation on the POD is done at multiple levels. 
      1. VSG Instances in Openstack are created per subscriber created.
      2. VSG Instances are ACTIVE and are reachable via mgmt interface. 
      3. VSG Instances have external connectivity when the headnode is configured as a NAT Gateway for VSG traffic .
        • This is an additional configuration done during the test builds. 
      4. Configuration for X-Connects for subscribers in onos-fabric.
      5. Configures a dhclient on the Cord-Tester container's interface that is being used as the VSG Subscriber.
      6. Validates a dhcp ip address is received from the vcpe container and external connectivity is reachable through the vcpe. 

QCT POD1 Results


Detailed Results

Flex POD1 Results


This pod is used as a soak/longevity test for a running POD. It runs once a day, and validated that no containers have been restarted and checks the memory used for each container. 

Detailed Results

Calix POD1 Results

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