Note: the following document is only for showing an example of the workflows when operators use module-type OLT in SEBA.


  • Our SEBA implementation includes
    ▫️VOLTHA, ONOS software components
       (The interaction of these components with external OSS via NEM is out of range in the current version of our document)
    ▫️Pluggable EPON-OLT/ONUs hardware modules
    ▫️OLT-Compute software component that includes softwarized OLT functions (e.g. DBA)
    ▫️ASG (Aggregation and Service Gateway) that connects OLT modules with software components (i.e. OLT compute and VOLTHA/ONOS)
    This document only focuses on PON provisioning, then does not include RG-related operation.

Workflow for data-path provisioning

  1.  Add flow entries to ASG for building a control message path between OLT-compute with OLT module
  2. Configure PON-related parameters to OLT-compute
  3. Pre-provision & Enable OLT device via VOLTHA.
    VOLTHA initializes OLT-compute, then OLT-compute activates DBA process for PON-link up.
  4. .Add flow entries to a pseudo L2 switch that is created for abstracting PON devices by VOLTHA .
    These flow entries are finally translated to LLID/VLAN translation rules that OLT module refers to.