CORD Platform

Improve Developer Experience

(In general, working design notes are collected in a Google Drive folder.)

  • Incremental Build Environment (Design Notes)

    • Single source of config specification (Design Notes)

    • Support limited scope (laptop) development workflows

    • Support full configuration (CiaB, POD) development workflows

    • Use same tool chain across all development workflows

    • Leverage existing frameworks, tools, and best practices

    • Optimize build times (for all workflows)

    • Predictable/repeatable build success / easy to diagnose failures

    • Decouple hardware/software deployment targets
  • Cleanup / Refactor Follow-Through

    • Clean up data models (rename, remove) and model policies

    • Reconcile Service/Instance models (Design Notes)

    • Eliminate hard-coded service dependencies

    • Categorize, unify, document synchronizers

    • Do exception handling, error handling, logging right (Design Notes)

    • Create new model policy framework

    • Dynamically on-board xproto into core

    • Replace legacy xos-ui with generative tool chain

    • Reconcile use of event bus(es)

    • Refactor/reimplement synchronizers

    • Everything-as-a-Ansible Playbook (isolate Ansible Runner)
  • Upgrade Components

    • ONOS 1.11

    • OpenStack

    • Ubuntu

    • MaaS

  • Fabric Enhancements

  • Benchmark and Scale Performance

    • Integrate Intel's DPDK/OvS optimizations into the CORD platform
    • Micro-Benchmarks / Tuning
    • Benchmark M-CORD performance (specifically EPC)
      • Scale number of subscribers (at average throughput each)
      • Maximum end-to-end throughput for a single subscriber
    • Benchmark R-CORD performance (specifically vSG)
      • Scale number of subscribers (at average throughput each)
      • Maximum end-to-end throughput for a single subscriber
  • Integrate Kubernetes as Infrastructure Provider

  • Comprehensive Testing

    • Unit tests plugged into a coverage framework

    • End-to-End tests for CORD-in-a-Box

    • End-to-End tests for Physical POD

    • Functional tests as necessary (address biggest points-of-pain)



  • Framework Enhancements
  • Support framework for VOLTHA
  • Functional Tests for VOLTHA, vRouter
  • Enhance CI/CD tests/framework
  • Tests on Physical POD
  • Enhance End-end tests
  • Performance and Scale framework
  • Base framework for M-CORD
  • Performance Test platform


Theme: Management and Operations of vendor OLT solutions (XGS.PON)

  • VOLTHA Security
    • Local Access Control - Least Privilege Access (Install, Instantiate, Maint.)

    • Least Privilege Access (Install, Instantiate, Maint)

    • East/West Container Secure Communication

    • Northbound API Secure Communication 

    • Soundbound gRPC, Twisted, NetConf Interfaces Secure Communication

    • No Open Ports 

  • VOLTHA Remove Internet network access dependency 
    • No external internet dependency for deployment, installation or instantiation of services
  • PON Management & Configuration 
    • AutoDetect ONU

    • ONU Registration

    • Control Plane

  • VOLTHA High Availability 
  • VOLTHA Backup /Restore 
  • VOLTHA Software Component Upgrade
  • PON Simulator Update
  • Default Edgecore Adapter (XGS.PON) 
  • ONOS 1.10 Integration


Exploratory/Foundational Work:

YANG Common Data Model - NETCONF/YANG

G.Fast (DPU Driver)

Harmonizing PM KPI’s

K8s Container Management

Enterprise CORD

Hardening and Analytics

  • vCPE
    • OAM metrics for A-CORD
    • Different types and capabilities
  • vEE
    • Ethernet Edge whitebox switch variety
    • OpenFlow vs generic QoS model
  • Value-Add Services
    • Firewall
    • WAN-X
    • Hw acceleration
  • Connectivity Services
    • L3VPN
    • SD-WAN
  • Global XOS
    • Converged global service model
    • Multi-site VNF chaining
  • Transport ~ Bandwidth On Demand
    • SPTN (Software-define Packet Transport Network)
    • T-API (Transport API)
    • VPLS
  • Security
    • Hardened NBI / security services

Dependencies on Platform

  • Pseudowire / VTN integration
  • Upgrade to use xproto (for 3.0.1 Release)
  • Security / Access Control (Roles)

Mobile CORD


  • ...

Dependencies on CORD

  • ...

Analytics for CORD

Scale + Close Feedback Loops

  • Adaptive analytics framework
  • Scalable deployments
  • BroadView analytics/sFlow analytics
  • A-CORD in standalone deployments
  • Unify Monitoring-, Test-, and Assurance-as-a-Service
  • PoC of SD-Collectors
  • Ingeration of A-CORD with ONAP

Dependencies on CORD 

  • Traffic TAP