System Test validates tests on PODs by deploying supported versions of CORD nightly using Jenkins Build System. Various flavors of PODs (R-CORD, M-CORD and E-CORD) are tested using Jenkins.




Following tests/configurations are performed on the PODs after a successful installation.

  • Post Installation Tests
    • Verify Docker Containers are up and running
    • Verify Synchronizer Logs are correct
    • Verify proper ONOS applications are installed (ONOS Fabric and ONOS CORD)
    • Verify that ONOS Logs does not contain any errors

  • Sanity Checks on the installed POD
    • Verify that the headnode interfaces are up and has external connectivity
    • Verify that the compute nodes can ping each other through the fabric
    • Verify that the computes nodes can ping the switches
    • Verify that the cordvtn app is running and identifies the nodes and the fabric devices
    • Verify that the required MAAS services states are up and running 
    • Verify Docker container states
    • Verify Juju Service States
    • Verify MAAS Cli commands
    • Verify Openstack LXD Container States
    • Verify Fabric Switch services
    • Ping all Fabric switches
  • Control Plane Tests (XOS API Based Tests)
  • Data Plane Tests