Container Brigade 2017-12-12


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K8s task status update Kubecon report K8s and Swarm Discussion

[9:08 AM] Start Meeting

K8s Task Status Update

[9:10] 99 cloud, moving to new version of open stack, no status update

[9:11] @gopinatht has been working with a playbook to install k8s. going well, next step to integrate into CORD install

[9:12] networking, linker network still working on bug around DNS and IPAM, almost finished with that

[9:12] plan is to have networking in before holiday

[9:13] @jono has example of OVS based network in k8s

Kubecon report

[9:14] @gopinatht attended kubecon

[9:16 AM] a lot of talk at kubecon about service meshes

[9:17] SIG on networking - talk about the utility of the ingress controller (reverse proxy that exposes services outside the k8s mesh)

[9:18] canonical implementations use either nginx or envoy

[9:18] Also talk in the SIG about support for multiple networks in k8s - NFV is a big use case asking for this

[9:19 AM] need to support L3 and L2 use cases for NFV use cases, SIG discussion about how / if all these use cases should be supported in k8s

[9:20 AM] debate around whether they should provide native multi-network support for all use cases (L2 through L7) within the core of k8s, or whether this should be done through extensions

[9:20] Gopi recommends we get involved in this discussion

[9:20 AM] question: can we get link to mailing list discussion?

[9:21 AM] The link for the google groups discussion:!topic/kubernetes-sig-network/9YEhLBte1Z0

[9:23 AM]

K8s and Swarm Discussion

[9:23] Developer: (this is for the Docker swarm and “load balancer as a service” work)

[9:36 AM] swarm usage, learning curve, is smaller than with k8s, but k8s has more complete extensibility and capability

[9:36] end-meeting