Brigade Goals and Scope

The overarching goal is to extend the CORD platform to support container-only configurations, for example, by leveraging container management system like Kubernetes, Mesos, or Docker Swarm. This needs to be done in a general way, so that it is easy for an operator to configure whatever container management system they want. Other than modeling a set of containers as a Slice in the CORD data model (and writing the corresponding synchronizer) the challenge is to reconcile CORD's support for virtual networks and service composition (as implemented by VTN) with the assumptions of the underlying container management system. Possible tasks include:

  • Integrate k8s into the CORD, providing an alternative "instance type"
  • Extend/adapt XOS and VTN as necessary to support k8s
  • Demonstrate a container-only set of services (e.g., vSG in k8s)

Brigade Leads

Brigade Members

  • Kent Hagerman, Ciena <>

Events / Meetings / Forums

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