CORD : Alexis Munyandekwe Candidate Statement - Ambassador Steering Team 2017

Nominee’s bio

I am Alexis Munyandekwe, currently working in Professional Services as Technical Lead on Cloud Computing services. 
My interests on SDN started from back in 2015. Since February 2016 I have been involved in ONOS community, first as a contributor, then as ambassador. I am also a member of two brigades,  i.e. Teaching Brigade and Build & Package Infrastructure Brigade. More about my bio can be seen at

How long have been working in the Ambassador Program?

I became an ambassador since November 2016, after Paris ONOS Build 2016.

What contributions have you made in the past to the Ambassador Program?

As an ambassador, I have contributed by co-organising and presenting during an ONOS meetup in Paris, May 2017.
I have also evangelized ONOS in academy (by recruiting new contributors) especially in some universities in Africa (Tanzania, Ghana, Algeria and Kenya) even though some universities are not automatically ready to change their curricula to include SDN. This is so far my biggest challenge I will have to deal with in case I am elected in Ambassador Program.
Apart from that, I contributed in the program by volunteering to become Ambassadors mentor since July 2017.

What are you actively working on in the Ambassador Program?

I am actively doing ambassadors mentorship in the program. Besides that, I contribute through brigades work as mentionned earlier.

Why do you feel you would be a good candidate for this position?

My interests in Open Source projects such us ONOS, CORD coupled with my international exposure (worked in Africa, Asia and Europe; and speak Chinese, French, Spanish and English) make me feel that I am a good candidate who can work with people from different backgrounds to advance the Ambassadors Program. This was even one of the reason which pushed me to apply and become on-boarding Ambassadors Mentor.

Are there any changes you would like to bring to the community if elected into this position?


When we look at the map of ambassadors, , there are still many places where ONOS/CORD communities are still under or not at all represented. 


If I am elected, I will try my best to have more ambassadors enrolled in the program to progressively cover the gaps.