This feature is available in ONOS 1.12


Activate the Dhcp Relay and Fpm applications.

app activate org.onosproject.dhcprelay

app activate org.onosproject.fpm


PD pushing allows IPv6 prefixes from DhcpRelay to be sent over the Fpm connection to Quagga where they will be configured as a static route.  Prior to PD Pushing, the Fpm connection was only used by Quagga in one direction to push routes to Fpm.  PD pushing is disabled by default in Dhcp Relay and Fpm.


To enable in Dhcp Relay:

cfg set org.onosproject.dhcprelay.DhcpRelayManager DhcpFpmEnabled true


To display PD's stored in dhcp relay, execute the following cli:



When PD pushing is enabled in Fpm, by default the next-hop to be used for all prefixes pushed to Quagga will be retrieved from the first interface with "RUR" in the name in Onos.  Next-hop may also be configured using Fpm component config. This will override a "RUR" interface if present.  If there is no interface with RUR in the name and the next-hop is not configured, no prefixes can be pushed to Quagga even if PD pushing is enabled.  For DhcpRelay, only the Ipv6 next-hop is needed.


To enable in Fpm:

cfg set org.onosproject.routing.fpm.FpmManager pdPushNextHopIPv4

cfg set org.onosproject.routing.fpm.FpmManager pdPushNextHopIPv6 2001:a08::2

cfg set org.onosproject.routing.fpm.FpmManager pdPushEnabled true


onos> fpm-connections

PD Pushing is enabled.

peer connected to since 2m23s ago * (2 routes locally)


Prefixes pushed to Quagga can be displayed in vtysh using "show ip route" and "show ipv6 route".

If the output is not as expected, check the Quagga log to see if it was received from Fpm.

Note: Quagga requires a patch to be able to receive Netlink Messages from Fpm.