Nominee’s bio

On #slack as @dbainbri

How long have been working in the CORD community?

I have been involved working in the CORD community from the start of the project.

What contributions have you made in the past to the CORD community?

I have contributed to CORD in a few substantial ways.


  • the tangible contribution of code, including the Ansible and associated micro-services utilized to turn up a bare metal POD through the automation of Canonical's MAAS tool

  • through the advocacy for a container based micro-services approach to address the problem, including the use of container management systems such as Kubernetes and Docker Swarm.

  • aiding the community members via support and troubleshooting over #slack and the email lists

  • helping to provide more stable releases via continuous deployment testing on my companies internal POD, and complaining loudly when the nightly physical build breaks

  • advocacy for the CORD platform as I participate in shows and communicate internally and externally with customers

What are you actively working on in CORD?

I continue to work on the automated physical POD deployment and have begun work, partnering with Gopinath, on the Container Brigade. Additionally, I have become more involved with the VOLTHA project within CORD, both in terms of over all architecture and with a particular focus on the ONOS control plan applications that are leveraged by both VOLTHA standalone deployments and CORD deployments.

Why do you feel you would be a good candidate for this position?

I feel I bring a perspective to the project that focuses on issues from the point of view a commercial deployment in terms of ease of use, quality, and performance. I continue to push the project in directions that I think focus on the key aspects of the technology and how it can be deployed and applied in real world scenarios. I continue to push for quality and consistency in the project.

Are there any changes you would like to bring to the community if elected into this position?

To be brutally honest, I believe the focus of development and the community needs to shift towards a physical deployment first approach. While CiaB or OpenCloud deployments are useful and helpful from an introductory and to some extent a development perspective, I believe the focus of the community should be on ensuring the capabilities as they would be deployed in a production environment, which would be on a physical POD, fully connected with PON devices and CPEs.

Additionally, I feel that there needs to be a better separation between developing core CORD, CORD services, and deployment of CORD. Specifically, if a user wishes to either development services or just deploy CORD, they should not have to download, build, and deploy the entire source tree. I believe there is strong community support for the idea of separation and I do believe it will eventually happen, but I think there should be a more concerted effort in this area.