CORD : Technical Steering Team

About the Team

The technical steering team is responsible for all technical decisions in the project. They are responsible for the content and structure of the code base and for all technical priorities with respect to the code base. The CORD chief architect is the team lead of the technical steering team. 

Who's on the Team

The following folks are in the team for 2018-19:

  • Larry Peterson (ONF) – Team Lead

  • Alfonso Aurelio Carrillo Aspiazu (Telefonica)
  • David Bainbridge (Ciena)
  • Andy Bavier (ONF)
  • Saurav Das (ONF)
  • Matt Jeanneret (AT&T)

  • Cedric Lam (Google)

  • Matteo Scandolo (ONF)
  • Oguz Sunay (ONF)


The TST provides technical oversight for the CORD project as a whole. This involves ensuring the architectural integrity of the CORD platform, overseeing the composition of each release of the CORD reference implementation, and evaluating/shepherding various technical efforts.

  • Technical Projects – Community driven projects to enhance some aspect of CORD (the Domains-of-Use are example projects).
  • Collaborator Proposals – Corporate proposals (including in-kind resources) to contribute to CORD in some way.
  • Service Inventory – The collection of official and experimental services, and service profiles, that run in CORD.
  • Release Management – Managing distributions of the CORD reference implementation.

Contact Information

Drop the technical steering team an email if you have a technical or architectural topic to discuss or get guidance for.  The email archive is available for browsing and review of past conversations.

Contributors who wish to collaborate on medium to large feature submissions, are encouraged to follow the suggested process outlined on the Contributing to CORD page.

 Recurring Meetings

Meetings are posted on the CORD public calendar.

Recordings of TST meetings are available on YouTube. (See the "TST Meetings" Playlist.)