TitleTest StepsExpected Result
Validate Default OVS Flow CountChecks the number of flows that should be inserted into the switch (ovs or fabric) after a typical CORD POD installation42 default flow count
Validate Current VTN Service Networks and PortsMakes rest calls to XOS to validate the default VTN Service Networks + Ports
Validate Default SubscriberValidated subscriber of "My House" is set up (set up by E2E playbook test)Subscriber is found with service specific id, "123"
Create New Test ServiceCreates a generic service that will be used for the new VTN NetworkNew service is created
Create New VTN Service NetworkCreates a new core network with custom subnetNew network created
Create New Slice with New Test ServiceCreates a new slice and adds the new generic test service to itNew slice created
Add Networks to New Test Network SliceCreates a new network slice for the new slice and adds mgmt and new network to itNew network slice created
Create New Test InstanceCreates a new instance for the test serviceNew instance created
Validate New FlowsValidates new flows were added to the switch after instance has been created (new flow rules for new network)Flow rules added
Validate Creation of Openstack ResourcesValidates Openstack nova instance (vm) and neutron network is created for new instanceOpenstack resources created
Create New Cord SubscriberCreates a new cord root subscriberNew subscriber created
Create Volt Tenant for SubscriberCreates a new volt tenant for new subscriberVolt Tenant created
Validate Creation of InstanceValidates new instance created for Volt TenantInstance created
Delete Volt TenantDeletes volt tenantVolt Tenant deleted
Delete Cord SubscriberDeletes new cord root subscriberSubscriber deleted
Delete Test InstanceDeletes test instanceInstance deleted
Delete Test SliceDeletes test sliceSlice deleted
Delete VTN Test NetworkDeletes VTN Test NetworkNetwork deleted
Delete Test ServiceDeletes Test ServiceService deleted
Validate Flows RemovedValidated newly flow rules added for VTN Test Network is removed from switchFlows removed
Validate Openstack Resources RemovedValidated new instances/networks in Openstack are deletedOpenstack resources deleted