Test Purpose

XOS API feature suite includes tests for control plane APIs.  Currently APIs are tested using some json data as input to the APIs.


Test Case #Test DescriptionVerificationReleaseStatus
1VOLT /ONU/PON Port validations
  • Creates a VOLT Device
  • Creates a PON Port by using the VOLT Device ID that was posted to VOLT Device model
  • Creates a ONU Device using the posted PON Port
  • Validates the posted models are accurate

2End-End service validation for RCORD Lite (in XOS)
  • Creates a subscriber with a valid ONU Device Number
  • Validates the service chain model for RCORD Lite
  • After posting a subscriber, validates the creation of voltserticeinstances and their corresponding vsghwserviceinstances to the /core/instances
3Creation, Modification of Subscribers
  • Creation of various subscribers as per inputs with unique IDs
  • Subscriber values can be edited
4Creation, Modification of Tenants
  • Creation of various tenants
  • Modification of tenant attributes

Single Instance Creation

(Instance creation using multiple subscribers with same "s_tag")

  • Multiple subscribers are created
  • Multiple tenants are created
  • Only one Instance is created under /core/instance for all the subscribers
6Multiple Instance Creation
  • Multiple subscribers are created
  • Multiple tenants are created
  • Multiple instances are created under /core/instance/ for all the subscribers based on
    the "s_tag" correspondingly
7Deletion Functionality
  • Subscribers are deleted
  • Tenant objects are deleted
  • Corresponding instances are deleted
8Service Tests
  • Verifying that all required services
  • Verifying services can be created/edited/deleted at /core/services/
9Synchronizer Tests
  • Required synchronizers can be created and deleted