If you are using the Trellis fabric as part of a CORD pod, follow the instructions here: as the installation procedures used in CORD are different than when Trellis is used independently.

This configuration guide is meant for ONOS 1.12 (Magpie), used in the 5th release of CORD (Satisfying Cactus). For previous (4th) releases of CORD, please use the Fabric configuration guide (ONOS 1.10).

Note that we no longer support ONOS 1.6 which was used in the 1st release of CORD. We also do not support ONOS 1.9 (Junco) nor ONOS 1.11 (Loon).


ONOS 1.12 (Magpie release) includes a number of new features in the Trellis underlay fabric. Some of these are used in CORD, and others (like IPv6, or DHCP relay) can be used when using the fabric in standalone mode - ie. without CORD orchestration or other pieces of CORD. As a result this configuration guide is divided into 2 sections - with and without CORD.

It is worth noting that the features mentioned under the CORD section are mandatory features (except for multicast) which are required even when not used in the context of CORD.

Please ensure that you have checked out latest 1.12 release.


Features used in CORD

  • L2 Bridging and Access/Trunk VLANs
  • IPv4 unicast Routing
  • IPv4 multicast Routing
  • vRouter - interfacing with external router 
  • Static routes

Additional features 

  • IPv6 unicast Routing
  • DHCP relay (IPv4)
  • AAA support