Cavium generic full CORD POD typically deploys XPliant® programmable switches that form fabric and ThunderX® ARM Processors enabled servers.

Cavium XPliant® family of Ethernet switches bring programability to CORD, with devices that scale from 280Gbps to 3.2Tbps. Cavium switches allow building cost and power effective fabrics, leveraging programmability to tailor the switch functionality and to optimize the resources allocations for enabling Software-Definable Application-Centric solutions.  

Cavium ThunderX® Processors based on ARMv8 architecture, include multiple Workload Optimized SKUs that enable servers & appliances that are optimized for compute, storage, network and secure compute workloads.

Logical representation - the data plane network

The diagram is a high level logical representation of a typical CORD POD.


The data plane connections are shown in red.

 The end-user traffic going from the access devices to the metro network, traversing the fabric and the compute nodes, is shown in green.


Logical representation - the control plane / management network

The diagram shows in blue the system components connectivity through the management network.

The head node is the only one connected both to Internet and to the other components of the system. The compute nodes and the switches are only connected to the head node, which provides them with all the software needed.