Work In Progress

Please use ONOS 1.11.1 tag (Loon release). Note this is a Beta release of this feature in ONOS Loon. It is currently not used in CORD.


The dual-homing feature includes several sub components

  1. Use of "paired" ToRs: Each rack of compute nodes have exactly two Top-of-Rack switches (ToRs), that are linked to each other via a single link - such a link is referred to as a pair-link. This pairing should NOT be omitted. Currently there is support for only a single link between paired ToRs. In future releases, we may include dual pair-links. Note that the pair link is only used in failure scenarios, and not in normal operation (more later).
  2. Dual-homed servers (compute-nodes): Each server is connected to both ToRs. The links to the paired-ToRs are (linux) bonded - more details below
  3. Dual-homed upstream routers: This feature is not available in 1.11.0, but is included in ONOS 1.11.1. The upstream routers MUST be connected to the two ToRs that are part of a leaf-pair. You cannot connect them to leafs that are not paired. This feature also requires two Quagga instances.
  4. Dual-homed access devices. This component will be added in a future release.


There are some Known Issues to be aware of for this release.