Service Inventory

ExampleServiceOfficialAny and On-Boarding Services: A Tutorial

Exemplar for on-boarding services

FabricOfficialPlatform Underlay
HyperCacheDevelopmentAny Licensed CDNAvailable for Evaluation (Akamai)
MonitoringDevelopmentPlatform Monitoring ServiceMonitoring Service

Open Network Operating System

Virtual OLT (vOLT)Virtual OLT (Celestica); includes AAA module
vRouterOfficialPlatform Router (vRouter)Virtual Router
vSGOfficialR-CORD Subscriber Gateway (vSG)

Virtual Subscriber Gateway

VTNOfficialPlatform Network Overlay
VTRDevelopmentR-CORD Virtual Truck Roll

Service Profiles

cord-podOfficial R-CORD Configuration
acordDevelopment A-CORD Configuration
frontendDevelopment service developers to work on UI and API without a backend
test-standaloneDevelopment test framework, performs unit tests on REST API, Tosca, and UI