The following are the service inventory and profiles (both official and development) for the Dangerous-Addition release.

Service Inventory

ExampleServiceOfficialAny and On-Boarding Services: A Tutorial

Exemplar for on-boarding services

FabricOfficialPlatform Underlay
HyperCacheDevelopmentAny Licensed CDNAvailable for Evaluation (Akamai)
Metro-NetDevelopmentE-CORD Enterprise CORD 
MonitoringOfficialPlatform for CORDMonitoring Service

Open Network Operating System
vBBUDevelopmentM-CORD Mobile CORDVirtualized Broadband Base Unit
vMMEDevelopmentM-CORD Mobile CORDVirtualized Mobile Management Entity

Virtual OLT (vOLT)Virtual OLT (Celestica); includes AAA module
vPGWCDevelopmentM-CORD Mobile CORDVirtualized Packet Gateway (Control)
vRouterOfficialPlatform Router (vRouter)Virtual Router
vSGOfficialR-CORD Subscriber Gateway (vSG)

Virtual Subscriber Gateway

vSGWDevelopmentM-CORD Mobile CORDVirtual Session Gateway
VTNOfficialPlatform Network Overlay
VTRDevelopmentR-CORD Virtual Truck Roll
vEEDevelopmentE-CORD  Virtual Ethernet Edge
vEGDevelopmentE-CORD  Virtual Enterprise Gateway
PWaaSDevelopmentPlatform  PseudoWire as a Service
Part of fabric, used by E-CORD 

Virtual Network on Demand
Comes in both local and global versions

Service Profile

NameStatusSource CodeTarget PODInfo
R-CORDOfficialrcord.ymlReference PODTested R-CORD Configuration. Now includes Monitoring service.
A-CORDDevelopmentacord.ymlReference POD Development A-CORD Configuration
M-CORDDevelopmentmcord.ymlReference POD Development M-CORD Configuration
E-CORDDevelopmentecord.ymlReference PODDevelopment E-CORD Configuration

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